BlendKit 2015 Week 2

This week’s lessons were officially about student interactions in online learning environments, but topics such as FERPA concerns were also raised.  Lots of food for thought this week.

Currently in my online courses, I use a variety of groupings including Jigsaw through the use of the Collaborations section in Canvas.  I also have students write a personal introduction at the beginning of class and often some will find commonalities within the group.  Things I have not done that I now plan to incorporate are creating a blog where I ask the students to set personal learning goals and then to comment on those goals and their achievement of those goals throughout the course.  Also, adding a DB post which asks students to post about how they used the course content in the course of their everyday life.  I really like these ideas because they make the students more aware of how the content applies to their daily lives and also introduces some accountability.


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